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Welcome to a v. sekrit gathering where non-canon, non-otp football slash can proudly lift its head and find some well deserved lovin'.

There are, however, rules.

1. All and every pairing is allowed. Really. Zlatan/Thierry Henry? Cool. Leo Messi/Cesc Fabregas? Hot. Frank Lampard/David James? Random. HOWEVER with the new LJ deleting-journals-rampage that's currently going on, NO pairing can feature any person under the age of 18. Havard... noooooooooo

2. We will be tolerant. I mean seriously, if someone rolls in with Totti/Zidane/Lukas Podolski, no flaming, no yelling, no saying that it is entirely inconceivable and that you hate them. but serioualy... Totti/Zidane/Lukas? If you can pull THAT off, i think you deserve a prize

3. Please use tags if you can. Tags include: player's names, fic, picspam. Just try to label them. When in doubt, check the tags list before making any new tags. I'll try to keep on top of keeping things organized, but no promises that I can do all.

4. This comm is PURELY SLASH. If this isn't what you're looking for... what are you doing here? *pets* It's okay. I get confused sometimes too.

5. If you need to get in contact with the mods because it's a matter of life or death, email: deadxdreamer@yahoo.com and we'll try to get to you as fast as the helicopter allows.


If you would like to be an affiliate, please, contact us at deadxdreamer@yahoo.com because we'd love to have you. Really. ;)

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02. msapislove